The Wild Heart Hypothesis:

If we are to survive and thrive as humans on planet Earth, we will need to dive deeply into the roots of the shamanic era and retrieve our soul connections, our intamacy with all forms of the Universe.



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Your Wild Heart May Be Only 8 Paces From Where You Sit!

A short journey outside of air conditioned space lies the possibility of your untamed self. When you learn to listen to that side of yourself, you discover a profound resource for facing global and personal trauma.
  • Become an active participant in the shaping of a new direction for the Earth
  • Include the wild-hearted self in your inner council
  • Balance your wild and civilized energies
  • Explore conflict, bonding patterns and intimacy
  • Rediscover hope and encouragement in the midst of our environmental crisis

Comments About This Book

"Dr. Will Taegel carries the gift of story-telling. His Native American roots provide a deep wisdom that comes through the gifts of deep reflection and connection to Nature, the Spirit World, and the power of the spoken word to teach through a story and in writing."

Angeles Arrien, Cultural Anthropologist


"Dr. Taegelís words may well help readers recall their natural affinity with the Infinite. He attests that there is a realm beyond the usual that he and his Earthtribe folk have seen in their visions and concludes that we are all called to this realm from beyond ourselves. To respond to this call is the most important move human beings can make."

Huston Smith

author of The World's Religions,
subject of Bill Moyer's PBS Special